Tips & Tricks


❀ Make sure to clip nails down and buff out the shine of your actual nail. Buffing the shine off will create a better grip between the press on and glue. You can also buff the inside of the press on too!

❀ If you have nail polish on, leftover acrylic, etc., remove that before applying the nail.

❀ Push cuticles back. You don’t want the press on to stick on top of the cuticle. It will pop off!

❀ Make sure you have the right size!!! If the press on is too big or too small, it is more likely to pop off. Please take the time to measure your nails or order a sizing set.

❀ Know your lifestyle. If you are used to wearing long nails, you know what you can’t and can do (ex. Typing). Pick the right length for your lifestyle.

❀ Having long nails can be challenging if you don’t typically wear them. Take precautions when getting dressed, lifting objects, or doing daily activities. You don’t want to put a lot of pressure on the nail itself.

❀ After applying glue, allow it to dry completely before you move on to the next nail.

❀ Glue will stay on longer than sticky tabs. However, sticky tabs are great for the weekend or a special event!

❀ Avoid soaking your hands in water regularly (ex. Hot tubs and hot baths). Obviously, you can get them wet but soaking in very hot water continuously may cause the glue to wear off. If you can, wear gloves while doing dishes too!

❀ If you are a nail picker and end up picking off all your nails, you CAN reuse them. Just make sure you didn’t damage them, and you can glue them back on. However, I do NOT recommend you pop your nails off, but I know people will do it anyways.

❀ If you choose to soak your hands in hot water to remove them, they will be reusable. If you use acetone, it will ruin the paint or gems.

❀ Best tip of all: Keep glue with you JUST IN CASE!