• Nail Styles

  • Super Short Square

  • Short Square

  • Medium Square

  • Super Short Coffin

  • Short Coffin

  • Medium Coffin

  • Super Short Stiletto

  • Short Stiletto

  • Super Short Oval/Round

  • Short Oval/Round

  • Super Short Almond

  • Short Almond

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  • Support an Artist & Small Business

    All of the press ons Maganda Nails sells are hand painted by the owner, Katrina. Each press on nail set can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to create. All nail cards and info cards are designed, printed, and cut by the owner as well!

  • Durable & Reusable

    These press ons are more durable than your typical store bought press ons. They are hand painted with quality gel polish on salon quality nail tips.

    Soak nails in warm water and coconut oil (or any oil) and gently work around the press on with a cuticle pusher to remove nails. Using acetone will ruin the press ons!

  • Affordable

    Since Maganda Nails opened, one main goal was to keep press ons as affordable as possible while still using quality products. Although these are more expensive than store bought press ons, they are all hand painted and give you that fresh salon look without paying salon prices!

  • Allergy & Disability Friendly

    Many of my regular customers suffer from gel allergies or skin conditions that make it hard for them to get their nails done. Hand painted press ons allow these customers to get designs they want without having to expose themselves to harmful chemicals or UV light.

    These press ons are also perfect for those who can't go to a nail salon or who don't feel comfortable going one. These press ons can be applied at home by yourself or the help of someone else if needed!

    *If you have nail/skin allergies or have a disability and have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!*

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maganda ka (you are beautiful)

The word "maganda" means beautiful in Tagalog (Filipino).