Three press on nail sets. First set is green with gold flakes and black diamonds. Second set is baby pink with pixie dust on the ring finger. Third set is orange and sparkly with cheetah print.

These 5 Things Will Change Your Perspective on Press Ons

I was an avid nail salon goer until I tried press-on nails during the pandemic. I never wore press-ons. To me, they always looked fake and cheap. I started looking into press-ons and did a lot of research on the best full-cover nail tips and polishes. After I gathered all the supplies and did a test run on myself and my friends, I opened my business. 

If you’re thinking about making the switch to press-ons, check out these 5 benefits:

1. They’re affordable

Press-ons are much cheaper than going to the salon. You can easily switch up styles and lengths without paying a removal fee. You can get amazing designs that would easily cost more than $80.

2. You don’t have to waste time at a salon

You can save time by using press-ons. Press-ons can be applied in less than a half hour with full proper prep.

3. They’re perfect for one-time use or long-term use

There are multiple ways to apply press-ons and that’s what dictates how long they will last. Using sticky tabs will last a day or two. Using glue with proper prep can last up to 2 full weeks.

4. You’re not exposing yourself to harsh chemicals

A lot of nail salons have harsh chemicals floating through the air. Even with the use of proper ventilation, you’re still inhaling a lot of the chemicals. You’re also exposed to nail dust, acrylic dust, and so much more.

5. They don’t ruin your nails

If you remove press-ons the right way, they won’t damage your nails. Some customers even say wearing press-ons made their nails grow more and grow stronger.

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