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The Comeback of Press On Nails - Benefits of Press Ons - Maganda Nails

If you have tried press ons, you probably think of cheap plastic nails that fall off within a day. That isn't the case anymore! Press on nails are now making a huge comeback for many reasons. Small press on nail businesses like Maganda Nails provide customers with cute yet durable nails. 


Let's get into why press on nails are making a comeback:


1. Instant Nails On Your Time

Your time is valuable. No more waiting for nails to dry or sitting in the waiting room. With press on nails, you can get cute salon-worthy nails in just minutes!

2. Endless Options, Infinite Possibilities

It is so easy to change up designs and styles with press ons. You could go from an elegant short almond french set to a long coffin holographic set in the matter of minutes. 

3. Ballin' on a Budget

Let's face it - in this economy, everyone is trying to figure out how to save a buck or two. You can get Instagram worthy designs and new trending nail designs at half the cost. Plus you save gas money!

4. Reusable

If you take care of your press ons and remove them properly, you can reuse them! If you buy multiple sets, you can mix and match nails and build your own sets too!

5. Nail Health Savior

Did you know press on nails can actually be good for your natural nails? They provide a protective barrier against everyday wear and tear, preventing breakage and promoting nail growth. It is also a great solution for those who are UV light sensitive or have gel allergies. 


Overall, press on nails are NOT a thing of the past. If anything, they're making a comeback. After reading all these benefits, how could you not want to try press on nails?

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