Custom Team Sets

Hi Angi's team! Here are the available design options specially made for you! Each design can be made in a variety of lengths and nail shapes. Please check out the FAQ below and feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook with any additional questions.


What is Maganda Nails?

Maganda Nails are hand painted, quality press on nails. Each nail is carefully hand painted by the owner, Katrina.

Each set comes with a nail file, cuticle pusher, nail buffer, alcohol wipes, and instructions. You will also get to choose from sticky tabs, glue, and super nail glue.

How do I figure out Sizing?

3 Ways to Size your Nails:

1. Order a sizing set in the desired length and shape. Typically 2-3 day shipping within PA.

2. Send me a picture of your hands with a quarter next to it for a size reference. This can be sent via FB, Instagram, or email (

3. Measure your nails from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters and send me the measurements. Best way to do so is to put a piece of tape on your nail, mark the sidewalls of each nail, take the tape off, and measure in millimeters. Send measurements to Katrina.

For an additional cost, 14 piece and 24 piece sets may also be ordered. 14 piece sets come in mixed sizing and 24 piece sets come with every size plus extra. Nail sizes are under each nail so you know your sizes for next time.

Nail Styles

Short Oval runs slightly smaller than the others.

Please visit the Sizing page to figure out your sizes!

Sticky tabs, Regular Glue, and Super Nail Glue?

Sticky tabs are great for 1-2 day wear. The tabs come in a variety of sizes and work well for very temporary use.

Regular glue (Makartt Nail Glue) works great for most customers. Lasts 1-2 weeks. Glue is typically one use only.

Super Nail Glue (Cala Super Nail Glue) is my personal favorite. Some customers who use this get their nails to last 2+ weeks!